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Hazardous Environments UL913

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Rassbach Communications Are Experts In Providing Intrinsically Safe Equipment

When it comes to Hazardous Environments UL913 and wireless communications, we've got you covered. Intrinsically Safe indicates the two-way radio is safe to use in harmful atmospheres where the existence of a possible trigger, warmth or flame could possibly create a security hazard. In the case of two-way radios, this is specifically essential. Given that radios are electric, they do have the prospective to create triggers and heat, and there are numerous circumstances in which a radio may need to be used in potentially unsafe or explosive environments.

Such environments consist of oil rigs and refineries, gas mains, coal mines, chemical plants, factories, emergency scenes including first responders, and other settings where there are potentially explosive or hazardous materials. Unsafe atmospheres fall into various divisions and categories.

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