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Local Push To Talk

Local Push To Talk

FreedomLINK digital two-way radio system is designed to fit your communication needs and budget.

FreedomLINK System

Your workforce is out in the field every day, and you need to be able to connect with them no matter where their job takes them with local push to talk. FreedomLINK is easy to use and easy to budget. It keeps employees on track with daily business operations and allows for minimal distractions- such as personal calls or texting on their company cellphone. With clear digital push-to-talk voice quality and increased battery life, you can talk longer and further.

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Simple. Effective. Affordable.

Digital Push-To-Talk Voice and Data Communications

FreedomLINK is a digital two-way radio system that can be designed to fit your needs.

  • Dispatch Communications
  • Private or Group Call
  • Text Messaging / Email
  • GPS / Vehicle Location
  • Remote Dispatch
  • Telephone
  • Alarm Monitoring / Telemetry
  • Work Order Management
  • Mandown / Lone Worker

Utilizing the DMR platform, FreedomLINK delivers many improvements over the traditional analog radio systems such as:

  • Superior Coverage
  • Better Audio Quality
  • Longer Battery Life
  • Enhanced Privacy
  • Smart Accessories
  • Data Applications

The FreedomLINK commercial system can provide you high quality and immediate communications, simple and affordable, with no FCC license or high-powered transmitter or antenna towers to purchase, whether you want to join our FreedomLINK network or own your own. Talk all day or all night for one low monthly fee.



  • Local Coverage
  • Unlimited TalkTime
  • Available Multi-Site Connectivity
  • Segment departments with separate talk-paths


  • Radio to Dispatch
  • Radio to Mobile Computers
  • Radio to Radio


  • Vehicle Location Tracking
  • Record Daily Use of Vehicles
  • Web-Based Text Messaging Service