Local Push To Talk Is Loaded With Features

The features of the FreedomLink local push to talk include Secure Voice, Automatic Roaming, All-Call, Group, Emergency, and Private Direct Calls, Status Messages, GPS/Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL), Text Messages, Fast Communiction, Reliable Devices and Flat Rate Billing.

freedomlink local push to talk features

Secure Voice
FreedomLINK's technology offers security against scanner eavesdropping by encrypting your radio channel. FreedomLINK system operators can automatically validate individual subscribers by radio ID rather than changing the system’s unit and group ID lists in the event a unit is lost, stolen, or removed permanently or temporarily from service.
Automatic Roaming
Subscriber units use IP Connect, RF signal strength, and digital signal quality to automatically determine the best site to use while traveling throughout the FreedomLINK network. The system automatically assigns channels and repeaters for faster, efficient use of spectrum, allowing you to concentrate on the job at hand.
All-Call, Group, Emergency, and Private Direct Calls
Your FreedomLINK system can be customized to your specific need. Group calls can be made to allow all radios in your group to receive messages. You can also allow your radios to make private individual calls. Group and individual calls enjoy complete privacy, as other users in the system cannot monitor the calls. 
Status Messages
The FreedomLINK system is capable of sending and receiving custom status messages. Simple messages can be programmed like “Arrived, Departed, On-Time, etc.” or interconnected devices can trigger a message to be sent when doors, gates, etc are opened, closed, or a device is turned on/off.
GPS/Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL)
AVL can be provided by the installation of an optional GPS antenna on the vehicle. GPS from a portable hand-held radio requires you to purchase a GPS model. The location information will be sent with each push to talk and with each status message. The mobile radio can also be programmed to send its location information every 5 minutes. The location information can be displayed and stored on a desktop PC connected to a base radio. The software is also able to poll a specific radio for real-time location information. Requires GPS or dispatch software.
Text Messages
The mobile radios are able to send and receive text messages to each other with an optional keypad microphone and a portable radio with a full keypad.
Fast Communiction
Push-To-Talk allows for fast and efficient communication to an individual or a group.
Reliable Devices
Rugged, reliable, professional business devices.  Products are available for use in expolsive, outdoor, loud, and wet environments.

Flat Rate Billing
No billing surprises. Unlimited airtime included with all rate packages!