rassbach communications callboxes


Our wireless callboxes provide remote operation for wide-ranging applications.

Integrate Our Callboxes with Your Existing Two-Way Radio System or Use as a Stand-Alone Solution

Versatile, User-Friendly, and Cost-Effective, Callboxes provide stand-alone or full system utility in entry access management of doors and gates, assembly line maintenance or emergencies, campus and parking garage safety, and security, and wherever a fixed wireless battery-operated radio is advantageous.

A callbox is literally a box, equipped with a special purpose radio that can communicate with a two-way radio network or a dispatch office. They are used in a variety of industries as a way for customers, employees, or visitors to communicate from a remote location to an existing radio network or central office.

A callbox uses a radio frequency technology, therefore it has the advantage of being wireless, which allows for much more flexibility with installation and location. Ritron carries a variety of callboxes designed for use in many applications.

Our workhorse is the XT Callbox, heavy-duty with a fiberglass enclosure and a steel faceplate. These are in use in rough environments, and stand up to weather and harsh elements. Typical applications may be on a plant floor, delivery dock, or a gated entrance. These are available in VHF (both business band and MURS), and UHF in analog frequencies and our digital models include both DMR and NXDN protocols.

The Q Series comes in high visibility green or a black polycarbonate case. This callbox is used on construction sites as a hoist intercom system, and can also be used at loading docks, gate entrances, and golf courses, as well as on high school and college campuses. The Q Series callboxes are also available in VHF (both business band and license-free MURS), and UHF in analog frequencies and our digital models include both DMR and NXDN protocols.


-Our customers appreciate the fact that these boxes use wireless technology. This saves them untold costs when compared to the cost of trenching for a wired system.
-Flexibility on how the system is installed is increased, and there is no need to deal with the OSHA regulations for cutting through concrete and asphalt as would be required in a typical wired system.
-Callboxes are available in analog or digital. This means they are compatible with your existing radio network. You choose the frequencies appropriate for your application.


Our callboxes were designed from the ground up as special-purpose radios, and are not simply an existing portable radio packaged inside an enclosure. These callboxes are used at gated entrances to factories, at loading docks, on a factory floor in safety applications, on golf courses to call for assistance or even order food, on construction sites as hoist intercoms, to greet visitors at gated entrances, and in a wide variety of safety and production environments.

  • Construction Sites, Medical Facilities, factories, warehouses, hospitality, and more
  • Enhance Safety and Security
  • Long Range Wireless Gate Intercom
  • Construction Hoist Solutions

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