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Information About Wireless Communications

There are various frequently asked questions ranging from wireless communications, two way radios, pagers, push to talk and more which our staff receives on a regular basis, so we've dedicated a page to answer them. Please contact us if you have questions not covered in this list. We are always glad to hear from you, and are happy to answer any question, big or small!

The range of radios varies depending on the wattage of a radio. Portables tend to be 2-5 watts and mobiles can be 25-50 watts. The type of environment you are in also determines the range. Are you inside or outside a building? Are you in a hilly environment? Are you around a lot of tall buildings or trees? A portable tends to go 1-2 miles and a mobile tends to go 10 miles. Now that is only an estimate because we don't know what type of environment you are in and wattage radio you are using.