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Rassbach Communications is a leading provider of wireless communication solutions specializing in Two-Way Radios, Pagers and Push To Talk technology and is headquartered in the Eau Claire Wisconsin region. Our years of experience since 1957 have supported clients from all around the United States. With our exceptional reputation in the communications products and services industry, we understand exactly which areas and elements of communication technology to employ for you or your business.

At Rassbach Communications…Your Complete Satisfaction is Our Objective! If you are seeking affordable wireless communications products and services in the Eau Claire and greater Wisconsin region, we're your local experts.


Rassbach Communications offers the very best wireless communications hardware and solutions. 

two way radio


Two-way radios are easy to operate and deliver crystal clear communications, with integrated voice and data capabilities. You can disperse them throughout your venue, having handheld radios to clip to your belt while having mobile radios in your command center to make sure you are always connected. To get the most out of your two-way radios, contact the experts at Rassbach Communications.

call boxes


Entry access management of doors and gates and facility security that can integrate with your existing two-way radio system or as a standalone system. They help to improve safety and response times. Versatile, User Friendly, and Cost Effective!

nationwide push to talk


FreedomLINK Plus uses a nationwide network so your event staff can have fantastic push-to-talk coverage without having to deploy a complicated and expensive radio system. Get ahold of your employees even if they are away from the venue.

alert notifications


Do your employees need to be alerted for inclement weather headed towards your location?  How about a machine temperature that is getting too high? Do you have an important custom message that your employees need to be notified of immediately? The safety of your employees is a top priority. Having your machines run efficiently allows your business to stay on schedule. FreedomLINK FLEX helps keep your employees in the know whether they are in the building or off-site.

cell booster amplifier


Concrete, steel, and windows distort radio frequencies, making indoor cellular coverage unreliable. Optimize your network with our customizable 5G repeater solutions. Our customizable, 5G cellular signal repeater solutions immediately improve coverage in any industry for years to come.

dispatch gps


Manage your entire radio fleet / cross-technology, with one intuitive application. Dispatch combines a variety of professional functions, such as dispatching, voice recording, GPS, and camera monitoring, all with one intelligent interface. Regardless of the radio technology you are using, you can integrate and connect several mobile radio networks at the same time, ensuring you are always in control.

local push to talk


Out in the field every day you need to be able to connect with your workforce no matter where their job takes them. FreedomLINK, an easy to use digital two-way radio system designed to fit your needs and budget.



Two-way radio accessories enhance your communication clarity and safety with essential items such as earpieces, headsets, batteries, and antennas. You can also find helpful add-ons such as belt clips and carrying cases.



Rent Two Way Radios for Your Business or Event!

warranty and repair

Warranty and Repair

Billable Repair Services.

fcc licensing

FCC Licensing

Almost all business two-way radios require an FCC, Federal Communications Commission, license. The FCC requires that users who communicate with business radios, on certain frequencies, be licensed.  We can help! We specialize in FCC licensing.


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