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ESW01 Hytera Wireless Earpiece

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Hytera Wireless Earpiece

Pair the Hytera ESW01 with the ADN-01, ADN-02, or POA121  Bluetooth adapter for wireless headset connection. This can also be used with Hytera POA47, the Bluetooth PTT switch.

  • Automatic pairing and connection for easy operation
  • Ergonomic design for long time wearing
  • Any time and any place charging via the portable radios
  • Double PTT design for earpiece and adapter, adaptive with ring PTT for flexible operations
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • ADN  or POA adapter is required ( ADN-01, ADN-02, POA121)

For PD602, PD602i, PD602G, PD602iG, PD662, PD662i, PD662iG, PD682, PD682i, PD682G, PD682iG, PD702, PD702i, PD702G, PD702iG, PD782, PD782i, PD782G, PD782iG, X1e, X1ei, X1p, X1pi, PD982, PD982i, PD482i, HP602, HP682, HP702, HP782