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Kirisun DM588 DMR Digital Mobile Two Way Radio

$353.00 each
MhZ Version


Kirisun DMR Mobile Radio

Standard Package Includes:

  • 5-25W DC Powered
  • Complete kit with standard microphone
  • 3 Year Warranty 
  • User Guide


Frequency Range
VHF:136-174MHz  UHF: 400-470MHz 

Compact, Sophisticated and Stylish
Fashionable design, only 151mmx47mmx149mm in size and weighs 1.15kg with a 1.8’’ color HD TFT screen.

Smart Digital-Analog Auto Detection
The DM588 can be configured in analog, digital or mixed mode. When configured in mixed mode, the mobile dynamically switches mode depending on the type of signal received.

Versatile Voice Calls
Enhanced digital voice call feature facilitates call management between team members and ensures communication privacy.

Secure Communication
The DM588 provides basic and enhanced encryption capability using the ARC4 algorithm. It ensures secure communication on a voice call and data transfer between team members. DES, and 256 bits AES encryption algorithm is optional.

Rich Signaling
Supports multiple advanced signaling, including MDC1200, DTMF, 2 tone and 5 tone, compatible with analog systems to achieve seamless analog to digital conversion.

Versatile Services
In addition to conventional communication services, DM588 provides multiple functions such as Text Message and Emergency calls.

Automatic roaming helps you to use the radio freely among all sites on an IP Multi-Site Connect system.

Pseudo Trunk
Dynamically allocation of time slots while using repeater mode. Improve channel utilization providing simultaneous communication on radios.

GPS Localization (Optional)
Integrated GPS enables the real-time tracking of the mobile working team.

DMR III Software License Upgrade Option Available

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