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Icom F5220D - F6220D Series IDAS™ Trunking Mobile Two Way Radio

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MhZ Version
ICom Extended Warranty


Wide Area Coverage with IDAS™ Multi-Site trunking

Microphone (HM-152)
Mounting bracket kit
DC Power cable (OPC-1132)
Owner’s manual
Warranty: 2 years


IDAS™ Digital Mode Operation

The IC-F5220D series provides NXDN™ CAI-based IDAS digital mode operation. It is compatible with IDAS multi-site conventional and IDAS multi-site and single-site trunking.

4W Front Mounted Speaker

4 watts* front facing speaker delivers clear and loud audio throughout a vehicle's cabin. In addition, the digital modulation provides distinct clarity even at the fringes of the communication range.
*Typical with internal speaker.

Channel Announcement

When you change the operating channel, the radio announces the channel number. Convenient for making radio adjustments without having to look at the radio.

Roaming Scan

In the multi-site trunking mode, if the signal condition worsens as the radio user moves, the roaming scan automatically finds a new site to retain the communication link and quality.

Built Military Rugged

The tough aluminum die-cast chassis and polycarbonate front panel have been tested to the MIL-STD-810 environmental tests.

Optional Accessory Cable

F5220 accessory cableAn external GPS receiver, PC or other equipment can be connected with the optional OPC-2078 (D-sub 25-pin) or OPC-1939 (D-sub 15-pin). The ACC connector provides an ignition switch, external PTT, serial input/output, horn honk, channel control and public address functions, according to the programming.
*No digital modulation "IN" using accessory cables.

IDAS™ Digital Mode Features

    • Up to 500 individual and up to 500 group ID aliases (Each for single-site/multi-site/conventional)
    • PTT ID and ANI
    • SDM (Short Data Message)
    • RAN (Radio Access Number)
    • Digital voice scrambler
    • GPS data (PC and software required to show received position data)
    • Call alert
    • Radio check (RX)
    • Remote monitor (RX)
    • ATB (All Trunks Busy) ring back
    • Status
    • Stun/kill/revive (RX)
    • Emergency

*TX: Transmit, RX: Receive

Other Features

    • CTCSS/DTCS encode/decoder*
    • Microphone hanger action programmable
    • Talk around function
    • Forced narrow function*
    • Voting scan
    • Time-out-timer, lock-out penalty
    • 128 channels with 8 zones
    • Power-on password function
    • Nuisance delete function

(* = Analog only)

Programming - Radios are programmable and will require programming to work with an existing system. Software and programming cables are not included with the radio and must be purchased separately.

Do I need an FCC License - FCC licenses are required for many business radio frequencies. The biggest advantage to licensing your frequencies is exclusivity. Using common or default frequencies often means dealing with interference from others nearby who are using the same frequencies.  We can help with the FCC application process.


Frequency coverage
Number of channels 128 channels/8 zones
Type of emission 16K0F3E* / 11K0F3E / 8K50F3E / 4K00F1E / F1D
Channel spacing 25* / 15 / 12.5 / 6.25 kHz
Power supply requirement 13.6V DC nominal
Current drain
  Tx High (VHF)
  Rx Max. audio
10A (50W)
11A (45W)
Antenna impedance 5OΩ (SO-239)
Operating temperature range
-30°C to +60°C; -22°F to +140°F
Dimensions (proj. not included) 150×40×167.5mm; 5.91×1.57×6.59in
Weight 1.1kg; 2.4lb
Output power (at 13.6V DC) F5220D: 50W, 25W, 5W (Hi, L2, L1)
F6220D: 45W, 25W, 4.5W (Hi, L2, L1)
Max. frequency deviation ±5.0 kHz (wide)
±2.5 kHz (narrow)
Frequency stability
Spurious emissions F5220D: 87dB typ.
F6220D: 85dB typ.
FM Hum and noise F5220D: 50/45dB typ. (W/N)
F6220D: 46/40dB typ. (W/N)
Audio harmonic distortion 3% typ. (AF 1kHz 40% deviation)
FSK Error 2% typ.
External microphone connector 600Ω (8-pin modular)
(at 12dB SINAD)
(at 5% BER)
0.25μV typ.
0.18μV typ.
0.25μV typ.
0.18μV typ.
Adjacent channel selectivity F5220D: 80/70/65dB typ. (W/N/D)
F6220D: 75/66/60dB typ. (W/N/D)
Spurious response rejection 80dB typ.
Intermodulation rejection 75/75/70dB typ. (W/N/D)
Hum and noise 45/40dB typ. (W/N)
Audio output power (at 5% distortion) 4W typ. (at 5% distortion, 4Ω load)
External speaker connector 2-conductor 3.5 (d) mm (18")⁄8Ω

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