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Icom F5121D - F6121D Series IDAS™ Mobile Two Way Radio

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MhZ Version

ICom Extended Warranty


Everything You Expect in a Business Radio Plus Digital

Microphone (HM-152)
Mounting bracket kit
DC Power cable (OPC-1132)
Owner’s manual
Warranty: 2 years


  • IDAS™ conventional and IDAS single-site trunking
  • Digital/Analog mixed mode operation
  • Built-in 2-Tone, 5-Tone, CTCSS and DTCS
  • MDC 1200 compatible
  • MIL-STD-810 F rugged construction
  • 4W (typ.) front mounted speaker

128 Channels with 8 Zones

Ample 128 channel capacity allows most companies plenty of room to grow. Up to 8 zones lets you group together channels in logical fashion.

8–Character LCD

An 8–character alphanumeric LCD with user-friendly icons shows a variety of information and operating status such as caller's name, received message, etc.

Built Military Rugged!

The tough aluminum die-cast chassis and polycarbonate front panel have been tested to the MIL
standard 810 F.

Compact Hand Microphone

Select from 5 levels of mic grain, for clearer transmission.

Large Programmable Buttons

For easy access to often used functions, P0-P3 buttons are programmable to meet specific needs. Buttons and LCD display are backlit for night time operation.

gpsGPS Receiver Connection

With optional D-SUB 25-pin ACC cable OPC-2078, an external GPS receiver or PC can be connected.

Powerful, Front-Facing Speaker

4 watts (typ.) front facing speaker delivers clear and loud audio throughout a vehicle's cabin. Digital modulation adds distinct clarity to received voices.

IDAS™ Digital Mode Operation

The IC-F5121D series provides NXDN™ CAI-based IDAS digital mode. It is also compatible with IDAS multi-site conventional and IDAS single-site trunking. The following IDAS features are programmable.

  • PTT ID
  • Status
  • Radio check
  • Call alert
  • Emergency (no ACK)
  • GPS data (PC and software required to show received position data)
  • Individual/Talkgroup list (Max 500)
  • RAN (Radio Access Number)
  • Stun/kill/revive (RX)
  • Remote monitor (RX)
  • Digital voice scrambler
  • SDM (Short Data Message)

Built-in 2-Tone and 5-Tone (Analog Mode)

2-Tone and 5-tone signalings give you selective calling, quiet stand-by and other convenient functions with programming. The stun/kill functions disable a radio over the air and the revive function restores the stunned radio.

Scan Features

The priority scan allows you to monitor one or two priority channels while scanning other non-priority channels. The transmit channel and talk back functions allow you to make a quick response while scanning.

MDC 1200 Compatible (Analog Mode)

The following MDC features are available with the built-in MDC signaling.

  • PTT ID
  • Radio check (RX)
  • Emergency (No ACK)
  • Stun/Revive (RX)
  • 500 alias table (Max.)

Lone Worker Function

When the radio is not operated for a preset period, a warning beep will sound, alerting the radio user to check in. If the radio user does not check in before the preset time runs out, then the radio automatically sends out an emergency signal.

The IC-F5121D: a multitude of advantages because it's IDAS

Advantage 1: Digital/analog Mixed Mode

The IC-F52121D series can receive both analog mode and digital mode signals on a single channel and automatically selects the received mode to reply to the received call, while the talk back timer remains. It's a smart way to grow into digital radio – at your own pace, as your budget and comfort allow.

Advantage 2: Digital and Analog Individual/Group Call

The IC-F5121D series allows you to call individual or group users. The radio automatically sends own ID number when the PTT button is held down. The alias name or individual/group ID is displayed on the LCD while receiving a message allowing you to identify who is calling.

Advantage 3: Status Message and Short Data Message

Up to 100 status conditions can be set and sent with voice call. Also, you can request another IDAS radio to send their status and receive it. Up to 100-character of short data message can be sent and received. To send more than 9-character short data message, PC connection is required.

Advantage 4: GPS Capability

When used with an external GPS receiver, the IC-F5121D series can transmit accurate position data for use with vehicle management applications.

Advantage 5: Multi-Site Conventional Mode

When using the IC-F5121D series in IDAS multi-site conventional mode, the IC-F5121D can communicate with other IDAS radio users working with other repeater sites and/or virtual radio/PC dispatch stations on the IDAS network.

IDAS Single-Site Trunking

The IC-F5121D series can be used in an IDAS single-site trunking system. The IDAS trunking system is a distributed system with no dedicated control channel, so more voice traffic channels are available for increased system capacity.

*All advantages shown represent possible system configurations. Ask your Icom dealer to configure an IDAS system that works best for you. Note: Private IP Network or VPN Tunnels through the Internet with static endpoints.

Other Features

  • CTCSS/DTCS encode/decoder*
  • 8 DTMF autodial memories
  • Microphone hanger action programmable
  • Optional DTMF microphone (HM-152T)
  • PC programmable
  • Power-on password function
  • Time out timer
  • Talk around function
  • Nuisance delete function*
  • Forced narrow function*


Frequency coverage
Number of channels 128 channels (8 zones)
Type of emission F5121D: 16k0F3E, 11K0F3E, 4K00F1E/F1D
F6121D: 11K0F3E, 4K00FIE/F1D
Channel spacing F5121D: 6.25/15/30kHz, 6.25/12.5/25kHz
F6121D: 6.25/15/30kHz, 6.25/12.5kHz
PLL channel step 2.5 kHz, 3.125 kHz (VHF)
Power supply requirement 13.6V DC
Antenna impedance 5OΩ (SO-239)
Operating temperature range -30°C to +60°C; -22°F to +140°F
Current drain
  Tx High (50W/45W)
  Rx Max. audio
Dimensions (proj. not included)
150×40×167.5mm; 5.91×1.57×6.59in
Weight 1.1kg; 2.4lb
Output power (at 13.6V DC) F5121D: 50W, 25W, 5W (hi, L2, L1)
F6121D: 45W, 25W, 4.5W (Hi, L2, L1)
Max. frequency deviation ±5.0 kHz (wide)
±2.5 kHz (narrow)
Frequency stability
Spurious emissions 72dB min., 70dB min.
FM Hum and noise 46/40dB typ. (Wide/Narrow)
Audio harmonic distortion
(AF 1kHz 40% deviation)
3% typ.
External microphone connector 600Ω (8-pin modular)
(at 12dB SINAD)
(at 5% BER)
0.25μV typ.
0.18μV typ.
Adjacent channel selectivity F5121D: 80/70dB typ. (W/N), 65dB typ. (digital)
F6121D: 75/65dB typ. (W/N), 60dB typ. (digital)
Spurious response rejection 70dB min.
Intermodulation rejection 75dB typ. (W/N)
70dBμV emf typ. (digital)
Hum and noise 45/40dB typ. (W/N)
Audio output power (at 5% distortion) 4 W typ.
External speaker connector 2-conductor 3.5 (d) mm (18")⁄8Ω


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