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Icom F3360D – F4360D Series Waterproof Analog, IDAS™ 12.5 kHz & 6.25 kHz Digital & Type-C Trunking Portable Two Way Radio

$850.00 each
MhZ Version

ICom Extended Warranty


Ready for NXDN™ Type-C Trunking with Superior Waterproof Protection

Antenna (FA-SC55V or FA-SC57U)
Battery (BP-232WP)
Belt clip (MB-94R)
Owner’s manual
Warranty: 3 years


Type-C Trunking Compatible

The IC-F3360D series provides NXDN™ Type-C trunking and NXDN™ conventional systems.

  • Paging call
  • All call
  • Individual call
  • Text message
  • Stun, Kill and Revive (RX)
  • Over-the-air alias
  • 15-bit digital scrambler
  • Mixed mode operation (Conventional system)
  • Broadcast call
  • Group call
  • Status call
  • Emergency call
  • Radio check (RX)
  • GPS
  • RAN

Menu-Driven User Interface

The menu-driven user interface provides easy and intuitive operation. The functions can be toggled with the left and right [P2] and [P3] buttons and allow you to perform various operations and settings.

Simple User Interface
Display Sample

Built-in GPS Receiver

Your current position data can be attached to a voice or data (status or emergency signal) transmission and can be sent?to dispatch stations.

Man Down & Lone Worker

The man down function sends an emergency signal if left in a horizontal position. The lone worker function detects if the transceiver is not operated or not moved for a preset period.

Transparent Data

When IC-F3360D series is connected to a PC or other external equipment, the transparent data function allows data communication in a digital mode.

IP67 Dust-Tight & Waterproof

The IC-F3360D series provides rugged protection against dust and water. The transceiver can with stand 1m depth of water for 30 minutes.

800mW (typ.) Audio Output

The built-in BTL amplifier doubles the audio output power and the large 40mm speaker delivers loud 800mW (typ.) audio to receive all calls under noisy environments.

Other Features

  • 512 memory channels with 128 zones
  • CTCSS/DTCS/DTMF encoder/decoder*
  • MDC 1200 PTT ID transmission*
  • Inversion voice scrambler*
  • Audio compander*

*Analog mode only May vary depending on version.


Frequency coverage
Number of channels 512 channels/128 zones
Type of emissions 8K50F3E, 8K30F1E/F1D, 4K00F1E/F1D
Channel spacing 15/12.5/6.25kHz
Power supply requirement 7.5V DC nominal
Current drain
  TX High
  RX Max. auidio/ Sandby
  550mA / 140mA
  550mA / 140mA
Antenna impedance 50Ω
Operating temperature range -30°C to 60°C; –22°F to +140°F
Dimensions (W×H×D)
(Projections not included)
53.5×142.7×39.5 mm; 2.11×5.62×1.56 in (With BP-232WP)
Weight 400g; 14.1oz (With BP-232WP, MB-94R & FA-SC57U)
Output power 5W, 1W (Hi, Low)
Max. frequency deviation ±2.5kHz (Narrow)
Frequency stability ±1.0ppm
Spurious emissions 75dB typ.
FM hum and noise
  50dB typ. (Narrow)
  45dB typ. (Narrow)
AAudio harmonic distortion 1.5% typ. (AF 1kHz 40% deviation)
FSK error 1% typ. (Digital 6.25/12.5kHz)
Ext. microphone connector 14-pin multi-connector/2.2kΩ

0.24μV typ. (at 12dB SINAD)
–8.0dBμV emf typ. (at 5% BER)
Adjacent channel selectivity 68/67/59dB typ. (Narrow/D 12.5kHz/D 6.25kHz)
Spurious response 80dB min.
Intermodulation 75/70/70dB typ. (Narrow/D 12.5kHz/D 6.25kHz)
Hum and noise
  50dB typ. (Narrow)
 48dB typ. (Narrow)
Ext. speaker connector 14-pin multi-connector/8Ω
Audio output power (at 5% distortion) 800mW typ. (Internal SP, 12Ω load)
1000mW typ. (External SP, 8Ω load)