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Icom F1100 - F2100 Series IDAS Portable Two Way Radio

$360.00 each

MhZ Version
ICom Extended Warranty


The F1100D/F2100D Series is a sleek portable radio that fits nicely in your hand and designed to be the go to entry to mid level digital radio. Three model choices, basic – no display, simple – display with simple keypad, and full – display and fully DTMF keypad, include an array of features such as IDAS digital mode operation in IDAS conventional and multi-site conventional, intelligent emergency functions, and a rugged waterproof & dustproof chassis. A high-power handling capacity speaker and acoustic improvements provide class-leading (1500 mW) loud and clear audio. This radio is ideal to meet the needs of a wide range of businesses including education, hospitality, and retail.

Antenna (FA-SC55V, FA-SC57U or FASC72U)
Battery pack (BP-279)
Belt Clip (MB-133)
Charger (BC-213 on some versions)
Warranty: 2 years



16 or 128 channels

Output Power:

  5W (VHF) / 4W (UHF)


136-174 MHz
400-470 MHz

Waterproof rating:


Programmable Keys:

3 or 7


No display
Display with simple keypad
Display with full DTMF keypad

IDAS™ Features

The F1100D series provides NXDN™ CAI-based IDAS digital model operation in IDAS conventional and multi-site conventional. The following IDAS features are available:

  • IDAS™ Type-D single-site trunking
  • Analog/digital conventional mixed mode operation
  • AMBE+2™ vocoder
  • Over-the-Air updates the Alias list (call list) without programming (LCD versions)
  • Individual, group and all call
  • Status all and polling
  • Short data messages (LCD versions)
  • Call alert
  • Radio check (RX only)
  • The call list can save up to 500 ID numbers for IDAS or MDC1200 signaling system to show in the alias name


Safety & Security Features

For emergency situations the F1100D series includes an emergency key and four emergency functions: man down, motion & stationary detection, lone worker, and surveillance function.

The F1100D series also includes a digital voice scrambler for low level encryption and an analog voice scrambler (16-code inversion).

Built-in Analog Signaling

The F1100 series comes all the popular analog signaling including 2-Tone, 5-Tone, CTCSS and DTCS for group communication and selective calling. MDC features include PTT ID, Emergency (TX/RX), Radio Check (RX), Stun (RX), and Revive (RX).

Additional Features

  • Channel announcement
  • Siren sound for security alarm
  • AquaQuake™ to clear water away from the speaker grill
  • DTMF auto dial memories
  • "Shift key" function increase the number of programmable key assignments
  • Three color LED


Frequency coverage (MHz)

450–520 MHz
Number of channels
128 channels
8 zones
16 channels
128 channels
8 zones
16 channels
Type of emission 11K0F3E, 4K00F1D
Power supply requirement 7.5V DC nominal
Current drain
  TX High
  RX Max. auidio/ Sandby
1.3 A
520 mA /110 mA 
(Max. audio (internal SP)/Standby)
1.4 A4
520 mA /110 mA 
(Max. audio (internal SP)/Standby)
Antenna impedance 50Ω
Operating temperature range –30°C to +60°C; –22°F to +140°F (Radio specification)
Dimensions (W×H×D)
(Projections not included)
F1100DS/D, F2100DS/D: 
52.2 × 111.8 × 29.4 mm; 2.1 × 4.4 × 1.2 in (With BP-280)

F1100DT, F2100DT: 
52.2 × 111.8 × 34.1 mm; 2.1 × 4.4 × 1.3 in (With BP-280)
Weight (With BP-280 & MB-133) F1100D, F2100D: 260 g; 9.2 oz
F1100DS, F2100DS: 270 g; 9.5 oz
F1100DT, F2100DT: 280 g; 9.9 oz
Output power (Hi, L2, L1)
5W, 2W, 1W
4W, 2W, 1W
Max. frequency deviation ± 5.0 kHz (25 kHz), ±4.0 kHz (20 kHz), ±2.5 kHz (12.5 kHz)
Spurious emissions 70dB minimum
Frequency stability ±1.0ppm
Audio harmonic distortion 0.7% typ. (25 kHz), 0.9% typical (20 kHz)
1.0% typical (12.5 kHz) (at AF 1 kHz 40% deviation)
FM Hum and Noise
(without CCITT filter)
40 dB typical (12.5 kHz)
44 dB typical (12.5 kHz)
Residual modulations
(with CCITT filter)
52 dB typical (25 kHz)
50 dB typical (20 kHz)
54 dB typical (25 kHz)
52 dB typical (20 kHz),
FSK error 5.0% max.
Ext. microphone connector 3-conductor 2.5 (d) mm (1⁄10")⁄2.2kΩ
  (at 12dB SINAD)

  (at 20 dB SINAD)

  (at 5% BER)

0.21 μV typical

–4 dBμV typical emf

–8 dBμV typical emf
(0.20 μV typical)
0.24 μV typical

–5 dBμV typ. emf (25/20 kHz)
–2 dBμV typ. emf (12.5 kHz)

–8 dBμV typical emf
(0.20 μV typical)
Adjacent channel selectivity
77 dB typ. (25 kHz)
74 dB typ. (12.5 kHz)
69 dB typ. (12.5 kHz)
59 dB typ. (digital)
76 dB typ. (25 kHz)
75 dB typ. (12.5 kHz)
69 dB typ. (12.5 kHz)
58 dB typ. (digital)
Spurious response 80dB typical
Intermodulation rejection
75 dB typ. (25/12.5 kHz)
71 dB typ. (digital)
77 dB typ. (25/12.5 kHz)
70 dB typ. (digital)
Hum and noise
   (With CCITT filter)

   (Without CCITT filter)
47 dB typ. (25 kHz)
43 dB typ. (12.5 kHz)

52 dB typ. (25 kHz)
50 dB typ. (20 kHz)
42 dB typical (12.5 kHz)

50 dB typ. (25 kHz)
48 dB typ. (20 kHz)
AF output power (at 5% distortion)
   Internal SP
   External SP

1500 mW typical (With an 8 Ω load)
800 mW typical (With an 8 Ω load)
Ext. speaker connector 2-conductor 3.5 (d) mm (1⁄8″)/8Ω