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MCA08 Hytera 6-Unit Rapid Charger

Regular price: $450.50 Our price: $405.45 each


Rapid Rate Multi-Unit Charger with Transformer (PS7501)

Some models may require additional charging modules (POA58, POA59)

1 Year Warranty

For PD412, PD412i, PD402i, PD482i, PD502, PD502i, PD502i UL913, PD562, PD562i, PD562i UL913, PD602, PD602i, PD602G, PD602iG, PD662, PD662i, PD662G, PD662iG, PD682, PD682i, PD682G, PD682iG, PD602i UL913, PD662i UL913, PD682i UL913, PD702, PD702i, PD752, PD752i, PD782, PD782i, PD782 UL913, PD782i UL913, PD792 EX, PD792i EX, PD982, PD982i, X1e, X1ie, X1p, X1ip