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Work Order Management

With a work order managment system you can manage workflows direclty on the radio.  Mobile workers can notify dispatch when the job is done, letting you track cycle time.  Customer satisfaction is an important driver for success in the hospitality markets and work order management applications provide the ability to expedite response and resolution of customer issues, enhance efficiency of personnel responding to requests, generate reports to measure CRM and review operations, work flows, processes and track open issues. Resolve customer issues faster, speed up response time, and use your workforce more efficiently.  Increase your mobile work team's operational efficiency with DMR digital two-way radios. 


  • Reduces the cycle time of a work order from initiation to final close out

  • Streamlines dispatching and reduces costs associated with lost paperwork

  • Increases access to information for improved responsiveness and communication between departments

  • Reduces billing latency

  • Speeds data entry and improves accuracy of data collection and calculation

  • Eliminates the need to re-sketch and re-tabulate data once back in the office

  • Increases ROI from existing investments by making them available to field workers

  • Allows reporting options for improved decision making relating to productivity, cost of goods and forecasting


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