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Use SCADA to Automate and Monitor

Remote operation of your facility can dramatically improve your bottom line. With today's new radio technology you can deploy a Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system with a host of benefits.

What you can do on site, you can probably do by remote telemetry and control.

  • Control your irrigation system from your office
  • Open and close fish gates.
  • Monitor and alert when logger chip boxes are ready for emptying.
  • Manage irrigation based on temperature and moisture sensors.
  • Alert when refrigerator levels rise above set levels.

Applications include many of these business and organization users:

  • Public works
  • Agriculture
  • Fish and Game
  • Water and gas utility
  • Timber

Recent projects:

  • Municipal water works with multiple pump and distribution points that can now be monitored and controlled from network operations center.
  • Gas pipeline operator able to monitor flow and rate information for billing and control.

Combined with radio systems, video systems and easy to use software, you will find that SCADA can be a tremendous improvement in productivity.

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