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Remote Dispatch

Remote Dispatch

Remote Dispatch solutions are designed with our customer's business requirements in mind. Our goal is to unleash the power of your radios to provide better operation efficiency, increased flexibility and to enhance reporting from within your communication systems. This application provides users with the ability to effectively manage and monitor their organization's mobile assets and personnel using two-way digital radio systems, TETRA systems, P25 Systems, and Cellular-Based GPS.

Reasons To Use Remote Dispatch

  • Maximizes use of channel resources

  • Monitor and communicate with your radio fleet

  • Flexible system deployment

Key Features

  •  GPS/ AVL with History - Obtain location coordinate information from the radios built in GPS module. The dispatch system can also  retrieve the location information of any radio by either requesting on demand the current position of the radio or set up time  intervals.

  •  Text Messaging- Dispatchers are able to send/recieve stand text messages.  They can be sent to a group or individual.  All incoming  and outgoing text messages are stored in the database for later retrival.

  •  E-mail Gateway- Allows the dispatcher to send email from any email client to a radio.  

  •  Emergency Alarm- When an emergency is activated by a subscriber radio, the system will trigger an alarm.

  •  Telemetry with Alarms- When the radio is configured to monitor systems you can recieve alerts when pieces of equipment failure.  Telemetry also allows you to open/close and turn on/off equipment.

  •  Geo-Fencing and Alarms- Allows you to be notified when a radio enters a restricted area.

  •  Voice Dispatch with Recording- Allows you to do private calls, group calls, and all call.

  •  Event Logging/ System Check- Logs events based on the perameters you set up.

  •  Enhanced Reporting- Allows you to create various types of reports, such as a calling report, radio status report, or a location tracking  report.

  •  Remote Monitoring- The system allows you to monitor voice activities without pressing the PTT button, such as in emergency  situations.

Applications include many of these business and organization users:

  • Parks and Recreation
  • Transportation and Fleets
  • Public Safety and Security
  • Tow Trucks
  • Utilities
  • Service and Installation Companies


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