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R56 Site Grounding

Lightning and power surges can do a lot of damage to your communications system. If you equipment isn't properly grounded and incorporates surge suppression, it can significantly jeopardize your network. Communications network downtime significantly impacts daily operations and much of potential downtime can be the result on non-compliance to minimum communications site standards. There are four basic types of lightning damage: physical damage, secondary effect damage, electromagnetic effect damage, and damage caused by changes in ground reference potential.

In 1987 Motorola developed the "Standards and Guidelines for Communications Sites", otherwise known as R56. These minimum standards are required to provide expected system performance, reliability, and equipment longevity. The Motorola guidelines have since become the recognized standard in the industry and serve as the most complete and rigorous specification for the protection of communications system equipment installed at public safety and commercial communications sites. If you have questions regarding your current site or a new site please contact us. We can provide you with an onsite evaluation.


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