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Product Repairs

Customer Repair Request Form

Rassbach Communications is an Authorized Hytera, HYT,  Vertex Standard, and Motorola Solutions Service Partner. To ensure that the best possible reliability and range is obtained from your communications equipment it is vital that repairs and servicing are carried out by qualified, experienced, certified personnel, using complex test equipment. Rassbach Communications offers repair service in a fully equipped workshop by a certified two way radio technician with experience in the radio industry. Using only original parts and industry standard test equipment ensures your two way radios get the best attention possible, at a price you can afford. Please use the customer repair form when sending in your product for repair.

Billable Repair Services

In addition to contracted service offerings, Rassbach Communications will be glad to provide you with the same certified technicians and certified replacement parts. All of our services are available on a Time & Material basis as needed. Simply contact our company and your call will be routed to the service department. If additional Technical Support assistance or on-site repair is required you will be provided a tentative on-site schedule (if necessary) to complete the repair.

Maintenance Agreements

Maintaining your communications equipment along with regularly scheduled Preventative Maintenance visits ensure reliability and extends the life of the equipment. Your equipment is a critical part of your business and downtime is one of the most expensive results of even minimal neglect. Many of our customers believe it is worth the investment to ensure unlimited on-site repairs, first priority emergency service calls, 24 x 7 service and support from our Technical Support Center. However, we realize that one service contract may not be a good fit for every customer. So we've broadened our contract offerings to better suit the diversity of the customers we serve.

Preventative Maintenance

When it comes to the life span of your communications equipment, nothing is more critical than a routine Preventative Maintenance check-up.

All Preventative Maintenance visits include the following features:

  • Comprehensive analysis of the sites condition
  • Diagnostic tests to analyze and assess the equipment
  • Minor equipment adjustments
  • Performance verification to assure the equipment meets current factory specifications

Why wait for a failure to occur? Schedule your Preventative Maintenance visit at least once a year to assure the health of your equipment.

We also offer customized Preventative Maintenance packages for those customers that need an added assurance and equipment reliability. Contact our service organization today for further details.


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