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Commercial Pagers | Durable, Ruggedized Pagers for Safety and Business Personnel

Pagers remain one of the most effective, instant, reliable ways to make sure messages are able to be sent and received securely by those that need them. At Rassbach Communications, we carry only the most trusted names in pager technology, designed to make sending and receiving messages between your staff possible.

Why Consider a Commercial Pager?

In a world that relies almost entirely on smartphones, pagers remain one of the most cost effective and trustworthy ways to communicate with those that need it. Businesses, medical staff, security, and more, trust pagers because they are:

Efficient – Pagers are completely distraction free, reliable ways to contact someone instantly without any difficulty or miscommunication. While smartphones have autocorrect, text messaging, and a variety of games, apps, and bugs that can cause critical issues or distractions, pagers are an immediate way to make sure that someone receives an important message.

Reliable – Unlike smartphones, pagers can withstand many elements and remain functional. They are able to communicate even in the most difficult of settings, which is why hospitals, police officers, and security professionals rely on commercial pagers to make sure the message is received.

Private – Pagers naturally have privacy features that are crucial in a variety of settings. Pagers cannot be tracked or hacked, and do not contain any critical data that could open up legal and safety issues if the pager is lost.

Modern business pagers are also designed to be more durable than the pagers of the past, and significantly longer lasting than cell phones in settings where dropping or damaging mobile technology is at serious risk. 

Affordable, High Quality Pagers at Rassbach Communications

At Rassbach Communications, we carry only select choices in pager technology, perfect for the medical field, security, and most businesses. These are some of the best names in mobile communication technology, with options that we have specifically chosen for their features and strengths compared to the competition.

If you’re interested in learning more about any of these pagers, or would like to make an order, call us at 1-800-924-2612 or check out the types of pagers available in our inventory and contact us for a no obligation quote.


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